sábado, julio 23, 2005


Ok, this is it...
My Big sister, Francisca Cerda, that lives in the U.S.A (sir, yes sir) is on her (insert BIG number here) birthday today!
On monday i'm going to send her a nice dvd with some of my works and some little surprises from CHILE, just to say hi in a different way (hey... it's the 21st century you know?)
She's mi BIG sister, even more that the old china and she is so but sooooo cool, that she even brings me things i can't even imagine from the states (mint skittles, sour skittles, harry potter bertie botts beans, yorker, skittles chewing gum...)
I really miss you big sister, it's a pain in the ass to wait untill christmas to see you ;) but is the best part of christmas also :)
but hey! (hahahahah local joke) i'm going to send you the dvd and everything is going to be all right... just like bob marley used to sing...
Lots of kisses and remember: I LOVE YOU!


te hecho mil de menos y quiero q vuelvas pronto, gringos de miercoles q te tienen raptada!
eres mil seca y eres la excusa para quitarte el cetro del poder de los Cerda, vuelve pronto, te adoro demasiado hermana!
te posteo en mi blog porque nose... encuentro q es rico que todos en el mundo puedan ver todo lo que te quiero!!
te requetequiero! vuelve!!!!
y eso, el lunes te mando el dvd con algunas cositas extras de CHILITO!
te requetequiero, y tu regalo se viene muy pero muy lindo!
besitos mil!

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Anonymous Barbara dijo...

ah si que tambien eres lomografo, espeor poder ver tus fotos algun dia.

7/24/2005 12:55 a. m.  

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